Inauguration of Una Festa Per A Tots

The emotion of the Fallas came back with the Inauguration of Una Festa Per A Tots

Yesterday was an unforgettable evening. Fallas lovers lived once again the special feeling of our traditional party thanks to the Inauguration of Una Festa Per A Tots.

From 19:30h, in the terrace of Nuevo Centro, the act took place. It began with the presentation of the most important representants of the Comissions taking part of Federation of Special Fallas Section. This was followed by the reception of the Falleras Mayores and Courts of Honor of Valencia and the authorities invited, to finish with the inauguration of the Exhibition with the 18 projects that will be planted in March 2017.

The party ended with glass of cava and an appetizer for the guests.

The newly named Falleras Mayores of Valencia were splendid and the emotional, since it was the first of the official acts they attended, of course accompanied by their respective Courts of Honor.

Below you can see a selection of photographs of what gave this magical inauguration. Soon you will be able to see more pictures, so stay tuned.

Long live the Fallas!

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