Plantà of Una Falla Per A Tots

Great atmosphere in the Plantà of Una Falla Per A Tots!

Yesterday, in the terrace of Nuevo Centro (Valencia), the plantà of Una Falla per a Tots made by the artist Juanjo García, under the motto: “Junts…al tombe…amunt” presided the acts of the projects of 2017 that will begin this evening at 19:00h with the official presentation of the nine Commisions integred in Federation of Special Fallas Section and the reception of the Falleras Mayores and the Courts of Honor of Valencia and the authorities invited.

Below, the 18 projects of Fallas that will be planted in 2017 which are integred in the Federation and in Municipal Fallas 2017 will be inaugurated.

Here there is a selection of pictures of the Plantà of the Falla.

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