The Fallas, World Heritage of Unesco!

We got it! Las Fallas, World Heritage.

We are really glad. For those who are falleros, and even for those who are not falleros, today is marked a before and after in the history of the Fallas.

Af festivity and a tradition that since XVII Century is being the source of much talk, and today more than ever is being protagonist.

The Unesco Intergovernmental Committe met in Ethiopia, where las Fallas have been considered Intangible World Heritage of Humanity. One of the aims of this nomination is to preserve the craftsworks and the most tradicional jobs that, like we know, are being desappearing.

The Fallas attract every year thousands of people to Valencia, they also create lots of jobs, they are creative representations of art that serve like a mirror of the social, political and economical actuality, and, above all, they are encouragement for the society. From 14th to 19th of March, every year, thousand of people enjoy the party, the music, the fireworks and mascletàs, floral offerings and the fallero feeling.

This evening, at 19:00 hours, you are invited to come to Torres de Serranos. Come with your blouses to celebrate this success by planting a Falla ‘al tombe’.

Congratulations to everybody that made possible this nomination! In Federation of Special Fallas Section we are desirous to be in Fallas 2017.

Long live Fallas!








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